Animal Photography

At Blessed Blue, I understand the bond between pets and their owners; I am passionate about celebrating every pet and telling their story, Thriving to take that perfect picture and capture that golden moment, not only that shows their beauty but also their unique personality. 

Creating a photo album in their happy place for you to enjoy for years to come, Blessed blue can travel to any location in Cheshire either at home or one of the stunning locations Cheshire has to offer.

As a Cheshire based Pet Photographer, with a focus of animal portraits on location. I was initially inspired by the thousands of photographs I have taken of my pets over the years.

This has been a real passion of mine. After receiving so many positive comments on how I have a natural ability to capture the moment on camera, this quickly turned from a hobby to my profession.

Our Work

While taking professional pictures of wildlife and exotic animals is one of our preferred thing to do, capturing animals on camera in their own domain is a big passion of mine shown in the many images I have taken across the world as you can see on the website.

Different types of pet photography we specialise in

  • Dog Photography
  • Cat Photography
  • Equine Photography
  • Farm Photography
  • Bird Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Exotic Photography
  • Pet Photography